The Importance of Drills For Youth Basketball

There is no question that physical activities are good for children. Kids need to get out and get moving. Youth Basketball is something that kids of all ages and genders can participate in. It provides not only physical activity but the opportunity for youth to learn team skills, form friendships and learn to follow directions.

With our society becoming more focused on watching or passively interacting via video games, the actual act of playing basketball is one to encourage. Practice makes perfect and one of the biggest forms of practice are Youth Basketball Drills. The variety of drills available are endless and there is something for everyone. Each part of the game has a drill that can be enjoyed.

youth playing basketball

Drills such as shooting drills can focus on not just the old style layup, but things such as jump shots, reverse shots, pivot shooting and X shots. Ball handling drills can include power dribbling, 2 man passing and chair changes. Drills can cover all aspects of basketball skills and can break up the monotony of practice with short bursts of activity.

Drills are not only fun, they help hone the fundamental skills needed for players to work individually and as a team. They allow coaches to set up players with drills, watch the action, and then provide constructive feedback for each player on not only their individual performance but suggestions on how to work together more effectively.

When children are having fun they are much more likely to show their natural skills and abilities. Coaches are encouraged to participate in drills with players, become part of the team, and engage players on their level. Then they can step back into the role of coach and provide suggestions and instruction.

Participating in drills are a fun way for players to forge bonds with each other, their coaches and the sport itself. They are less daunting then a full game of basketball and can be used to break the game into understandable segments. They allow players to focus on individual skills that they may need improvement on.

The never ending variety of drills insures that everyone can find a way to enjoy the game.